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Spring Cleaning Your Dating Profile: Getting Matched with Higher Love


Hey there, cutie! It’s time to make sure your dating profile is ready for your perfect summer fling or, who knows, maybe even a long-term Higher Love. And whether you’re swiping on Higher Love, Tinder, Hinge, Christian Mingle, or any other app, we’ve got all the tips you need to keep your profile fresh and attractive.


Show Your Higher Love


Speaking of Higher Love, let’s start with what differentiates this app from others…cannabis! With Higher Love’s Q&A prompts, you can easily express your passion for cannabis while connecting with potential matches. Tell them whether you’re a Puffer, Roller, Iron Lungs, or Daily Toker, then let them know what strains, munchies, and music make your senses bloom. The possibilities are endless! Go ahead and use this opportunity to show the weed personality you never care to show while using alternative dating apps.


Stand Out From the Rest


Now, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how you can attract potential matches across any dating app you choose. First things first, let’s tackle the profile picture. Are you flexing your muscles or showing off your killer ink? Make your presence known! Don’t shy away from showcasing your green goddess self. And if you’re a Higher Love user, make sure to share that dime’s worth of your better self.


Once you’ve captured that person’s attention, it’s all about the bio. Don’t take it too seriously; add some humor! Feel free to sprinkle in flirty one-liners without being cliché. Some examples: “As much as I love Netflix, I’m ready to make my own Perfect Match,” or “I smoke good weed and know interesting Parks and Rec trivia. What more could you want?” These pop culture references will resonate with potential partners who appreciate humor.


Be True to You


Authenticity is key, and that’s especially true when updating your dating profile. Whether you’re into photography or David Bowie, be intentional about what you want your potential matches to know about you. If you’re using Higher Love, make sure to emphasize you really use it because that’s something that you share in common with those who did download and use the app.


Make Some New Connections


Last but not least, have some fun with your profile! Engage with potential matches, let your personality shine through, and try connecting with someone new who wouldn’t have been on just Tinder or Hinge. Who knows where it could lead? After all, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take – and how will you know if they’re hitting on you unless you put yourself out there? So, get High, use Higher Love and the marketing of this dating app to evoke more than a smile.


That’s a wrap! We hope these tips will lead to higher matches and new adventures. Whether you’re looking for love or just feeling like a “hit, won’t quit” entanglement, remember that Higher Love and these tips are here for you. Now, go out there and land that match made in green (love) heaven!

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