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Have you found yourself wondering why it’s so easy to plan a date that involves grabbing drinks, yet challenging to arrange a date incorporating cannabis rather than alcohol? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you will find 14 concepts for the stoner enthusiasts to spark a little inspiration for your next first date! We did the research and compiled a list ranging from mellow to adventurous to fit every vibe. Here is our Stoners Guide to First Dates.

Welcome to acceptance and getting one step closer to finding a higher love.

Gorilla Glue & Zoo

A classic date, with a new spin! Roll up some Gorilla Glue and hit the zoo. Going to the zoo or an aquarium, really any place you can check out animals, is a great idea—stoned or sober. There is no shortage of things to see, do, and talk about, which makes building a connection very easy! Let’s not even touch on the fact that this is a date written in romance novel history, so it’s a guaranteed success no matter who you are dating!

Stargazing & Blazing

Have you ever been so stoned you felt like you were one with the universe? Imagine feeling that with your date on an otherworldly universe exploration. This wouldn’t be the stoners guide to first dates without including the stars at least one time! Picture yourself snuggled up with your crush, with a joint, taking in the wonders of our galaxy, while feeling both connected and utterly awe-inspired. Whether on a blanket in a field away from the city or a couple of foldable chairs on a local rooftop, roll up some Northern Lights under the stars to unwind and make out with your dreamy dream girl/guy. Being under thousands of lit-up stars is romantic, whether you are doing it organically or in a planetarium made for that. So if the typical version of star gazing isn’t an option for you, hit up your local planetarium.

Arcade with a J’

If you want to add wholesome fun and nostalgia to your date, then a good old arcade date night could be just what you’re looking for. Bring a joint packed with Green Crack and use your newly found energy towards some DDR! Get some tickets, and have some competitive fun— maybe you’ll even end the night with a prize. (or enough points to carry over to your next arcade date.) You’ll see how well the two of you work together and if your date has a competitive edge.

Get the Munchies

It is 2022, so thankfully, there is no shortage of variety when it comes to snacks! Make a checklist of all the restaurants you each want to try. Map out an “appetizer/dessert crawl.” Then make a guide to pinpoint each restaurant’s location, and trace a route between the nearest ones. You can try a dessert or appetizer at each spot, then move on before you get too full.
If you happen to not make it out of your house, try delivery. Couchlock can be a lot, but it shouldn’t interfere with your date nights. Then, you can get even higher together. And when the munchies hit full gear—you already have everything ready to go for your DoorDash or UberEats app.

Be the Highest in the Escape Room

If you want a strong sense of how your date performs under pressure, an escape room might be the perfect set up for you. This is a group activity where you have to solve mind games to ‘escape’ a room. It’s an excellent way to work together and get to know each other in an out-of-the-box way. Most escape rooms also offer different themes, so you can find one that fits the theme of your night.

Bake and get Baked

Baking is a fun activity to do with friends, and baking while getting baked with someone you’re crushing on is even better. Decide on a simple, delicious recipe you and your partner will love, roll up your sleeves, play your favorite jams, and get to baking!
If you’re feeling ambitious, maybe you can bake some cannabis goodies while you’re at it. It can be tricky, though, so do a bit of research. But if you don’t want to, here is a good Rice Krispie recipe that you can easily follow!

Get Lit at Board Game Night

Again, who doesn’t love a little healthy competition? Board games are a fun way to get to know each other in a unique way— and many bars/restaurants even have some hidden in a corner for you to find if you don’t have any of your own. Board games do a great job at showing a person’s ability to strategize, communicate, and participate as a team player. Moreover, for many people, certain board games are wildly nostalgic. So, in addition to your childhood favorites, you can try out each other’s favorite board games together and decide on a favorite as a couple.

Netflix and Cheef

Suppose you want to add a little romance to your Netflix and Cheef; you can take a projector, build a pillow fort, and make a charcuterie board. The goal is to smoke a few bowls, watch Netflix (or any streaming service), and spice it up with a creative snack pairing.
Here are a few TV show and movie food pairings we came up with for you to try out!

The Sopranos and pasta
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with an extensive collection of candies and chocolate
Stranger Things and Eggos
The Crown and Scones

Get High and Get Lost in your City

Why does one have to take a trip to a new city to go out and explore new sights? It doesn’t. All it takes is a few hits of some Blue Dream and a Polaroid camera to turn your city into your own personal Candyland! Bonus if you find new locations that both you and your date haven’t seen before! Make a list of all the coolest sights to see around your city, map out a path between 2-5 of them, and let the adventure begin.

Smoke & Craft

What is better than getting stoned with the apple of your eye and painting the sunset? Throw in some snacks, and you’ve got the perfect evening set.
Not only are there step-by-step acrylic painting classes, but there are drop-in ceramic painting classes too. With seemingly unlimited options, all grouped by price, you and your date can pick an unglazed ceramic and paint it, or paint a canvas in as little as an hour.
Suppose this date goes as well as it should; later down the line, the two of you can try a Love is Art kit next! It’s available in most cities and so much fun.

Take a Trip on Virtual Reality

Every stoner likes to get a little trippy. This is another date idea that will have you feeling otherworldly. A futuristic virtual reality experience where you can see and physically interact with each other inside will take you on a trip to a galaxy far, far away. Smoke Some Jedi Kush and let the virtual reality worlds allow you to feel like you’re living inside a game or movie—you become the action that makes this date. Who doesn’t want to star in their own Star Wars themed romantic comedy?

Smoke Gelato & Get Gelato’d.

Que your sweet tooth with this one. Load up some Gelato and try all the ice cream you can find, amiright? Every city is jam-packed with ice cream parlors, so a good couple should be an easy find! The tricky part is getting high enough to try all the flavors! If you’re feeling experimental, you can even use edibles on the ice cream as your toppings. Most dispensaries sell gummies, chocolates, and fudge, so it’s game time! Send us your favorite concoction.

Get Lifted & Find the Best Panoramic View of the City.

Nothing will ever beat sneaking away to the city’s best panoramic view, lighting a joint, and sharing stories. All the romantic comedies do it; hell, we used to sneak out of our parents’ houses as kids with our childhood crushes to find the highest and most beautiful view of the city ourselves. This time around, all you gotta do is light up a joint under the city lights as well. 😉

Smoke a joint and take a Walk Around a Park

As glorious as staying in with some food delivery is, we challenge you to put on your favorite pair of pants, roll a joint with some Pineapple Kush (or seven), and take your date to a park, museum, or botanical garden. You can fall in love with the smell of roses and stare quizzically at a spider web for 5 minutes, wondering how something so small could create something so beautiful.

Planning a first date can be a little nerve racking— we get it! So, hopefully our stoners guide to first dates will ignite a little extra romance for you and your special guy/girl.

Regardless of which date you choose, we want you to stay safe above all else! It is never a good idea to operate a vehicle under the influence, so make sure to use a taxi or rideshare app to bounce around.



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