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The Benefits of Dating a Cannabis Enthusiast: How Cannabis Can Boost Intimacy Between Couples


Do you wonder if dating someone who loves cannabis just as much as you do could be the key to finding your perfect match?  Don’t worry; we made a list for ya! In this article, Higher Love Dating, will explore all the reasons why sharing the passion for toking a bowl or two could transform your love life. 


Cannabis and Nerves 

Are you feeling a bit nervous and worried about making the first moves with your partner? Smoking up can help get rid of your anxious thoughts and ease the tension. Besides, a relaxed body leads to more relaxed conversations, deeper intimacy, and a closer connection with your partner.


Cannabis and Intimacy 

It’s well-known that cannabis can heighten physical sensations. It can enhance the feeling of a simple kiss and force all your senses into pure bliss—that’s why CBD is so easily found in products like lube and massage lotions; it has just the right touch.


Cannabis and Conversation 

Passing a joint is like giving permission to open up conversations beyond your usual topics— it helps with enhancing communication and bonding. As you smoke, you begin sharing your thoughts and personal journeys, coming even closer to your partner. 


Cannabis & Bonding 

What do hugs and weed have in common? Oxytocin! Better known as the “love hormone” oxytocin is also naturally released during sexual arousal and bonding. Consuming cannabis increases the amount of oxytocin that is released during intimacy, in turn, taking it to a higher level and to even deeper feelings of intimacy. 


Speaking of relationships, let’s dive into a Psychology Today study from 2019 that researched how cannabis use can affect your love life. This study monitored couples for over a month who used cannabis regularly and found that it had the potential to strengthen relationships. So if you’re looking to take things up a notch in the bedroom (and in your relationship), consider turning to cannabis for some extra love and intimacy.


Furthermore, according to another study published in the Journal of Sex Research, cannabis has been shown to have anecdotal evidence suggesting that cannabis can reduce anxiety and improve communication skills in interpersonal relationships. An added bonus is that it is also noted that cannabis enhances intimate and sexual experiences in many ways, such as increased sensitivity, relaxation, and euphoria. 


Higher Love Dating understands the importance of finding someone who shares your passions. That’s why we made a weed-friendly dating app for you, to find your true match!


So, what are you waiting for? Join the Higher Love Dating community today and get closer to finding your higher love. 





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