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Finding Love in the Age of Legalized Cannabis: How Higher Love Dating is Bridging the Gap


In recent years, the legalization of cannabis has brought lifestyle changes that are slowly but surely seeping into our daily lives. One area that has been greatly impacted is the world of dating. Higher Love Dating is a new dating app that is bridging the gap between love and cannabis use in a way that is both innovative and unique and here is how:



One of the unique features of Higher Love Dating is its compatibility metrics. Users are asked to complete a comprehensive lifestyle and personality questionnaire, which includes questions about cannabis use, to help discover potential matches with aligned interests. This creates a filtered selection of individuals with the same passionate interest in cannabis as motivating criteria for romantic connections and provides a safe space for cannabis users to connect and find potential partners.


Bonding Activities

The app also includes various cannabis-centric activities like smoke-friendly hangouts, 420-friendly dating, enthusiasts’ events, and dates’ recommendations. Even those who do not partake in cannabis can benefit from the app’s offerings.



In addition to that, Higher Love Dating provides a secure and private space for users to connect by encrypting personal account information and providing an option to chat anonymously before exchanging personal information or engaging in long-term conversations on the app. Along with commercial-standard measures set in place, the app actively moderates any inappropriate behavior or content to provide a refreshing and respectful environment for users.


With almost 40% of Americans admitting that they have indulged in cannabis and with more states legalizing recreational use every year, it is essential to have balanced, wholesome channels or bridges to find romance or meaningful relationships. Higher Love Dating stands out as a necessary, enjoyable matchmaking alternative that uses a love of cannabis to ensure everyone finds an authentic partner. Whether romantic or platonic, the app is the gateway to discovering local communities, hangouts, and social life related to the humbling plant that, has no doubts, changed how we live today.

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